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Before you decide to purchase a puppy please consider the following:

*Outdoor space-do you have enough room? Is your area fenced-in?

*Small children in the family (can you handle a puppy too?)

*You’ll need a reliable Veterinarian to check for parasites, give immunizations, to spay or neuter your pet.

*Do you know how to house train and obedience train a puppy?

 *Does anyone in the home have allergies?-although Goldendoodles are considered non-shedding, all dogs shed and must be brushed.   Allergies  are often due to saliva or dander.

*Will someone be home with the puppy?-Do you work?  A dog needs exercise and care.

*Is everyone in the home on the same page? Everyone wants a new puppy?




Our puppies are lovingly cared for in our home and we would like to place our puppies in good homes where they will be treated as a family member.

Our present Goldendoodle puppies are a F1b Double Doodles. These darling Doodles are the offspring of a Goldendoodle F1 (our family pet) and the dad who is an AKC Standard Poodle. They will grow to be a medium/large dog weighing upwards of 50 pounds.  At This time, we have 4 Goldendoodle males.  The puppies are $1100.00 and will be available for release now.

Goldendoodle puppies are a wonderful pet and are often used as guide dogs and handicap assistance training.

They are easy-going, intelligent and eager to please.

We are located in Buffalo, New York, one mile from the Interstate 90. - 716-824-3860 - cell/text 716-697-4002




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Page Updated:  07/19/2018

We are located in Buffalo, New York, one mile from the Interstate 90. - 716-824-3860